Paris France

This is what Mass Immigration has done to the streets of Paris, unbelievable


For Sale

Sealed Silent bidding for Prestigious Ambassadorship Positions in The Mid-East will begin Jan 1 2017, beginning bid of $250,000, winner will have cash in hand at the close of the auction, send your bids to: Attention: H.R. Clinton, Clinton Family Foundation, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C.

Now Hiring for White House Staff Positions, send short Bio and 8×10 glossy Portrait to: Billy J. Clinton – First Man, Clinton Family Foundation,  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C.

Excellent Benefit Package which covers: Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Unwanted Pregnancies, Suicide and more….

Two Weeks Paid Vacation, Two Weeks Free in one of the most Prestigious B n’ B’s in the World, The Lincoln Bedroom at  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washing D.C. Employees will also get their own private e-mail address, their own disposable Lap Top, Non-Traceable BlackBerry Phone.

This is a Eight Year Contract and a great opportunity for the right person to make connections for future employment and Book Deals. Thank You and Good Luck !!

UPDATE: Hillary and The Clinton Crime Foundation lost the Election, now it’s true she won the Popular vote unless of course you deduct the Two Million + Votes that were by Illegal Aliens, but Former (love the sound of that) President Obama said that it would be just fine for Illegals to vote and there would not be any repercussions, but he didn’t take in consideration that The Clinton Crime Foundation would lose.. so sorry to say (no I’m not) The Illegal Voters will go to the Top of The Deportation list, after they serve their Prison Sentence, never trust a Democrat, they’ve been pissed at Republicans since The Republicans Freed their Slaves.

Levi – Part II

Well already my New Order of Levi’s has arrived, that was fast, one thing I noticed, one pair did not say Levi on the red tag.. interesting, now when you go online and look at Levi’s pants and jackets the prices are astronomical .. old-levis

This was taken in 1963, the 1963 Levi Pants cost $285 and the Jacket cost $385, amazing but that is because they are American made.. My New Levi’s were made in Mexico and of a thinner Denim than what they were back in 63′ .. maybe because they were made in Mexico they …nevermind, but here is a shot of the one pair with the strange red tag..


Probably a real collectors item..LOL.. The Levi’s I am wearing in 1963 were bought by me, My Mother would not buy me Levi’s, so those were bought by skipping lunch and mowing the lawn, my hair is short in that picture because… that’s another story.


I’ve been wearing 501 Shrink To Fit-Original Levis since the early 60’s, now through the years the material has been getting thinner and thinner and the price higher and higher, the other day Levi had a 30% off sale, they always seem to jack up the price when they have the sale so you really are only getting maybe 15% off, so I bought a pair of Levis, first pair in probably two years so it was time, like a fool I bought something new.. 501 Original Clean Rigid, they looked a little bit darker so I was all for that, any ways they were delivered and guess what, their color seemed to have black in it, plus the stitching was a weak yellowish color and OMG the material was so thin..LOL, they were the first pair of Levis that I packaged right back up and will return them today..they sucked, meanwhile I bought 3 pair of what I always buy — there better not be any surprises, but I bought three pair to get out of shipping cost and hopefully I will never have to buy another pair the rest of my life, Levi should be ashamed of what they have done to an American Icon, but I guess greed over takes customer satisfaction these days… and when I see the title –501 – Shrink To Fit – Original, I know they have no concept of what the word Original really means.. Well that is my rant for the day.levis-web

Dogs ——

Through the years I have been told/asked about taking portraits of people and their Dogs.. well as you might know I love my Dog. so much that it really seems cruel to call him a Dog, anyways the Photographer Elliot Erwitt is quite famous for his pictures of Dogs, he too loved Dogs and took many photos of his own Dog, well today I saw this and just had to shoot it, I was in Kernville for the Hot Rod Run only to find out that just about everything was done yesterday and almost everyone was gone, I saw about 30 Hot Rods coming down Highway 178 as I was on my way up, so I spent a couple hours of just walking around and shooting some Hot Rods that hadn’t left yet and as always looking for interesting people to shoot when I saw this in front of a Cafe Downtown.. so maybe I have a new calling, People and their Dogs, it actually appeals to me since I’m such a big Dog Lover…


Politics – Things to Ponder

If Donald Trump wins the election then dies in office the Country gets Mike Pence, now if Hillary wins and dies in office the Country gets Tim Kaine… Sooo lets hope the winner has a short term because both V.P.’s are probably better than what we are voting for.. couldn’t we just stop the whole process and say “Listen we aren’t happy with either of these folks, can we just start over, it would be worth the wait if we could just freeze Obama’s powers for a short while.. You know “If we need you we’ll call”… I’ve been a fan of Newt Gingerich’s for decades but for some reason the righteous Republicans thought he wasn’t moral enough since he divorced his wife while she had cancer– but now look, our choices are The Hildebeast or Grab Them By The Pussies Trump.. neither is a good deal for this country.

Hurricane Matthew

The Weather Bureau is saying this is the worst Hurricane EVER, with winds up to 165MPH, and for everyone in it’s path must evacuate …. Shepard Smith of FOX NEWS said “if you do not evacuate you will die and so will your children”.. the Hurricane is coming up from the Caribbean and along the Eastern Seaboard of Florida and will hit the Carolinas.. Hillary Clinton said that “it is Man Made from Global Warming and that it was not Mother Nature”.– Knowing Clinton she probably would like to say that this is the fault of Republicans and especially Donald Trump. Well if this is mans fault it is for Biblical reasons, the Earth is cleansing itself of corruption and hatred and erasing over 30,000 e-mails.. why not, this is as good as any other reason. I am soooo tired of Politics, lies, cheats and everything else that is attached to these idiots…snore…. Freedom had a great walk today, I had three people ask what kind of dog he was and how he reminded them of their dog, one gentleman even showed me a picture of his Maltese that was on his cell phone, Freedom and I both enjoy the attention he gets when he struts his stuff down the street, he is my best friend and I enjoy it when people notice how great of a dog he is.