Street Photography

Even though a lot of my friends are Street Photographers I wasn’t such, I was into landscapes but that has become very boring to me and I have always been jealous of the Street Photographers because they seem to have never ending subjects, then when I saw Saul Leiters work I knew then that I needed to make some changes, I can still do my Landscapes but I will definitely be pursuing the Street Photography.. reading some good articles by Eric Kim and some of his tips was very interesting but his article about “Zen in the Art of Street Photography” seemed more worried about how to handle the mental anguish of people on Facebook etc… Well I’m not on Facebook so I guess I have that part whipped, and I have learned that shooting for myself is more important than trying to make others happy with my photos a long long time ago, mainly because I am not quite sane and it shows quite often in my Photography, what I am doing isn’t that important, but hopefully someone will see it has entertainment for the senses…


Not everyone conforms to the pack………………


I did shoot a landscape in Kernville using a 29mm Pentacon lens, the color is much different than using Zeiss lenses…



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