Political Rally’s

“Christina Aguilera will perform at a fundraiser in Pacific Palisades for the Hillary Victory Fund, with tickets starting at $250 per person.” — This of course is just one of many events held, there have been Dinners and shows that cost way more than the common man would spend for such a thing… Why not donate your skills for Free Concerts for all, Free Dinners for the poor, if people just want votes then go to the voters, the everyday Joe who can’t afford such stupid things at such high prices… Money – Money – Money – That’s what is all about isn’t it ? Nobody really cares enough to do something good for someone for Free.

After watching this Election I no longer trust any Politician, our leaders are liars , cheats and thieves, the political party’s are horrible and mankind has very little chance in surviving what has been dumped on us, I feel as if we are all doomed… why do I bother watching this poop — stupid me.


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