Petroglyph Festival

Went to the Petroglyph Festival, this was the third one and I’ve been to all three, Freedom enjoys walking around all the people and this time they had it in Petroglyph Park which is where Freedom walks every morning, so it was really interesting on watching him take in the people who were invading his Park, he enjoyed it a lot, we saw a ex co-worker of mine, Susan Neves, Susan and I worked together in the same Department and we seem to both share the love of Photography, she had a booth there at the Festival selling her photos, she is doing some real nice work and she seems to be happy being her own self promoter,, anyways as always I really went to shoot photos of people and this year I got one, a Bass Player in a Jazz band.. the other good photo I got was of some mask so I guess I’ll share this years fruit of the Fair..LOL

I had forgotten how nice my little Pocket Rocket Panasonic Lumix was for shooting people shots, it has been converted to IR at 720 nano-millimeters, nice little camera that I use to shoot a lot but the last few years I haven’t done much with it, I’m glad I dragged out today and it was much simpler than lugging around a large camera. The Mask photo was taken with my Sony A7r, using a Zeiss 85mm Sonnar lens, which was originally built for a Rollei 35mm camera and I have it adapted for my digital, nice sharp lens.


I almost forgot about this shot, kinda cute, looks like Big Brother helping out his little sister’s foot problem.

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