Election Day

At last the day has come, after today we can settle down to a somewhat normal life… or can we, will the Russians start a war ?.. we have 300,000 NATO personnel on High Alert, we have been threatened day in and day out..when will it all end and this world become a safe place for humans ?… is there really a 500 Million Elite Club waiting to eliminate as many humans off the planet as possible ?.. If there is I bet George Soros is at the top of the list — The most evil man to slime the Earth with his existence, from World War II he helped the Nazi’s in his country of Hungry to hunt down the Jews and steal their possessions, he is not allowed to do any business in France or England and actually has a Wanted Dead or Alive against him in Russia, how do you rid mankind of someone as evil as he ?…. maybe after this election, if we are lucky enough to have a strong leader who cannot be bribed we can remove him from America.. we’ll see. ~Peace~


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