Nap Time

Today I was changing lenses on my Camera to the 35mm Flektogon and it was around Noon – Nap Time, now when we take our nap (benefit of being retired) Freedom jumps into  his bed and also takes a nap with us, you don’t have to tell him he just knows it’s nap time and jumps into his bed, now nap time he usually picks the bed in my room, he has three beds, one in the computer room which he uses late at night when Geneva is still reading on the Internet, then he has his bed in Geneva’s bedroom which is where he sleeps at night, then as I mentioned the bed in My room which he uses at Nap Time.. well I had just swapped lenses and he was giving me this stare like “Will you please lay down and take your nap !” so since the camera was in hand I snapped this shot of him, it’s a aaaahh shot I think.. anyways – Freedom at Nap Time.


35mm Flektogon Zeiss lens at 2.8, 400 ASA…. aaahhhhh.  Of course after the nap it’s off to the window on the right side of the Fireplace, the Fireplace has a window on each side that is almost to the floor, Freedom can stand and look out that window to see if any birds are using the Bird Bath, now most Birds he doesn’t mind but he hates for the Doves to use the Bird Bath and he Barks at them until they leave, he really wants me to let him outside so he can run up to the Bird Bath and chase them away.. so here he is checking out the Bird Bath after his Nap.


aaahhhhh…. LOL


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