Photograph Now

Since I am gladly stuck here in this Town I need to enjoy it more, I want to Photograph NOW, the culture of NOW, the buildings of NOW. I need to just keep doing what I have been doing but with more zest, get up every morning and go out and record what today’s Now looks like because tomorrow’s NOW will look much different…Now must become a compulsion, there is so much to do and it must be done NOW.

At the speed I normally take Photographs I would have to take 250 just to record one second of NOW, tomorrow is too late to record NOW. So pop up in the morning and enjoy what Now brings us every day.

I’m glad that I am no longer on Facebook, doing what I have been and will continue to do needs my complete dedication to how my heart feels about my town and the people in it, since I can be easily distracted by others it is better that I continue my Journey on my own, I don’t mind those who comment about the composition etc. but I need to stay away from those who might tell me I should be doing this or that, Ridgecrest is a City not like others it’s size, being out in the California Desert and it’s building restrictions due to a Military Base being near by we are not allowed to build over three stories high, this gives photos of the area a lot of Bright Blue Sky and  a lot of Sunshine, the city really didn’t come into play into the 1940’s, so that created a lot of very bland one story buildings without much creative style, so the 85mm lens will come into play quite often, to keep things tight and not so much empty space… That is how I see it NOW, tomorrow has it’s own Now’s waiting to be discovered.

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