Supermoon vs Potato

Yesterday I took a photo of a Potato and Last Night I took a Photo of The Supermoon, not much difference between the two to tell the truth…LOL

Today is like a warm Spring Day, Hummingbirds, Flowers and BEE’S, now I have worked with Bee’s, My Father had 30 or 40 hives and I use to help him pull the Honey out and even capture swarms for building a new hive, so I’m not afraid of them and I understand how they are and whether they are aggressive or not, well today I had one really making a nuisance of himself and I finally got tired of it and swatted him with a Fly Swatter, now when you kill a Bee it releases a Pheromone  which attracts other Bee’s and today was no exception, but these Bee’s were really aggressive and possibly Africanized, one after another they came after me and I so far have had to kill four.. anyways they are making my day a little miserable, hopefully that is the end of it……


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