The word Sanctuary has been tossed around a lot lately, well I have a Sanctuary Yard aka Back Yard, it’s a place where I go and watch the Seasons roll by, where I watch Baby Birds being born every Spring, where I see the leaves of The Pomegranate Tree turn golden and fall off every Fall. where I watch Birds bath in the Bird Bath and come in to get a drink of water all year long, it’s a place where I Dream and listen to the sounds of The City all around me… even though The Hedges are not thick enough or Tall enough to give me the Solitude I want they are still there along the Fence, growing every year, taller and taller, thicker and thicker and blocking the outside from being too imposing. When I was a Young Boy in Fourth Grade I had a Teacher named Mrs. Mitchell, she said I Day Dreamed too much and stared out the window, well now I haven’t changed, I have my Slider Rocking Chair that I sit in and watch life come into my Sanctuary and visit me and my dreams, my Doctor said I was becoming too Reclusive and it was caused by My Medication and he was going to change it so I would become more outgoing, but this really isn’t true, when I retired my friends said  “Hey we’ll get the gang together and have lunch someday” I thought “Hell yea that would be nice” but that was two years ago and we still haven’t seen each other, then I had a friend I worked with that said we would go out to lunch someday soon, I called last year around Christmas time and she said she was really busy and we’ll do it someday soon, she’ll get in touch with me, she also told me that the Team I worked for had made me a Beautiful Plaque for my Retirement and that she wished she had one just like it, she would give it to me when we met for lunch, you see I was a Contractor and things like a nice wall plaque don’t come around too often, and in my case after 30 years I never had gotten a nice Wall Plaque, now Civil Service covers their office walls with Wall Plaques, they get one for anything and everything, shit they get Wall Plaques for just breathing, I’ll never see the Plaque, I’m sure it has disappeared by now and — Well, I need to remove all work related objects from my Computer Room, shred all those piles of crap that you get when you work… well that has been almost a year ago since she was just too busy to meet for lunch, but you know what ? I really don’t care anymore, what My Doctor sees as a negative side effect of years on pain killers I see as a positive effect of becoming disconnected from Society and all its Bull Shit, I’m planting more hedges this weekend, the Privet doesn’t seem to grow the way I like, but the Japanese Box Plant does, it’s thick and a beautiful green color, the Winter Freeze burns the leaves but come Spring Time they fill back in, even more beautiful, my Sanctuary Yard I love, Freedom also loves His Yard, maybe I’ll give Freedom a Plaque for being, as Geneva says, My BFF, Best Friend Forever… Freedom and I will look out Mrs. Mitchell’s Window and Dream about Beautiful Things, and Well I will work on The Sanctuary making it a lovely place to disappear in, listening to the sounds of The City outside, The Siren’s, The Commuter Plane that comes in every working day at 8 am, The Sound of The National Anthem ( The Star Spangled Banner) at 7am, and Taps at 5pm for The Evening Colors, they can be heard here in My Sanctuary, with or without a Plaque on My Wall telling me how nice of a guy I was for 30 years… So Mrs. Mitchell now you know why I am Staring out Your Window, call me someday, we’ll do lunch. This is Roland from his Sanctuary saying, may the Hedges become thicker and the Sounds of The Outside World become Muted and your Walls be covered with Vines and Flowers instead of Plaques ….~Peace~

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