Photo Trip

Freedom and I decided we needed to get out of the house for a few hours and take some photo’s… First, when Freedom wants to get out of the House he does this to me.


This is Freedom’s way of saying “Dad I’m Bored Shitless”.. So off to the Beautiful City of Trona, where I took this picture of their Catholic Church,


This Church looks as if it is about Three Stories High and built by poured Concrete, very strange building I have to admit. After a few photos around Town it was time to head back home, Freedom really didn’t get to walk around very much so I decided to pull over at The Pinnacles Entrance and let him walk around a bit and take a Pisser, wel when I pulled into the Entrance I found this sitting there, which gave me one more Photo for the trip.


Now Freedom got to mark every Rock out there and I got one extra shot — off to Home and back to My Sanctuary… ~Peace~

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