Last Year – December 2015

So I was going through some files looking for some pictures that would tell me when the Snow Geese come to Town (they aren’t here yet) and I found these shots from The Kernville Barber Shop, and I thought I would share.. Here is George the Owner looking out his front window on a slow moment of the day, and also a very creative Ricochet Shot Selfie that I did using a couple different mirrors, it also tells me how long I have been growing this beard, I had cut it off last year and it didn’t take long for me to not like what I saw so I immediately grew it back..LOL – Anyways here is My Old Friend George and My Selfie.

One of the real cool things about Photography is, on this Day of December 2 2015 I created a window so I could look into the Past from the Future, it is somewhat like Time Travel. I also found a Still Life I had shot last December that looking at it now I decided I liked it, Retro Scanning has its benefits, I noticed I had it in a folder labeled Hammershoi, Hammershoi is one of my favorite Painters so I must have been influenced somehow by Hammershoi when I shot this still life.


Well it’s Raining today, or shall I say a light Sprinkle, but whatever it is it has an effect on my Psyche, I love the way it smells and the overcast skies and also Geneva is baking some Banana Bread Muffins, so it even smells better… Till Later – Yum !


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