Smells and Flashbacks

Well it’s almost nighty night time but before I call it quits for the day I wanted to mention something that has been on my mind for about a month or so, lately I have been smelling a Cologne that I used when I was in High School called Jade East, it just seems every once in a while I would get this whiff of Jade East, now I haven’t thought about Jade East in 50 years so I guess I will have to get myself a bottle and see if it smells as I remember and just maybe it will help me understand why I am getting this sensory overload.. we’ll see. Now another thing that is on my mind is how some news commentators are using Twitter and so is The President Elect Donald Trump, so if you want to know what is going on in America you need to have a Twitter Account and follow those people whom interest you, so I have done that, I now have a Twitter Account and Follow Trump and Tucker Carlson I find it interesting that I can get The President Elect’s thoughts and the days dealings right on my computer without waiting for some News Commentator to make his opinion up about what is going on. I really am not one for New Technology or Social Networking BUT if I want to find out what is going on without being lied to the Twitter thing is the best way about it… Damn I’m being sucked in, I’m going to lose my Retro Amateur Status… Well good night and ~Peaceful Dreams~

UPDATE: Okay I bought a bottle of Jade East, I’ll let you know if it really brings back memories but here is the clincher, it was made by three different companies, Originally by Swank which is what I would have worn back in the mid 60’s, then it was made by Songo until .. whatever..LOL, then and now it is made by Regency, reading the reviews the Songo formula wasn’t done very well but the newer Regency formula was closer to the original, but I went ahead and bought a 49 year old bottle of Cologne by Swank, now you can’t get any more retro than that, guess this will make up for me having a Twitter Account.. My Favorite Scents/Cologne’s through my lifetime have been Jade East, Paco Rabanne Pour Home, ¬†Drakker and Bijan, I just emptied out my bottle of Bijan that I have had for about 10 years and really liked the earthy smell of it and if for some reason I can’t stand the Jade East I’ll go back to the Bijan.. well that’s the skinny of smells. looking forward to some good Flashbacks. ~Peace~

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