Thanksgiving is Over

Well another Holiday down and if I include New Years Eve only two left for the year, it has been a hard year to get thru, becoming more and more withdrawn and I just got off the phone with Dr. Painfree and my Insurance isn’t going to cover the new drug that makes me into a happy son of a gun so nothing will change there, I slept off and on all day yesterday which is a new thing for me to do, but it seems I can only get a couple of hours in at a time so that is the only way to catch up, as far as my photography —hmmm, well I’m getting less creative or am I ?.. I seem to shooting less due to the fact most typical photos bore me, so I just don’t know what is going to happen there, it’s not for the lack of love of Photography but more that I’m changing in the way I think about it, I’m putting together a site of Black and Whites shot with my Rolleicords, I’ll start the site with a couple of Landscapes I did last year but I want everything to be Fresh and new, I figure it’ll take a year or two to finish the site, I’m much more pickier shooting film due to the cost and I want every shot to say something, I’m naming the Project after my Great Grandfather “Fountain Fox”, I love his name and just thought it shouldn’t just disappear, even though I never met the man I guess it’s a piece of my heritage I’ll never know about but want to still be tied with, using his name is the only way I can think of… It has been colder than a Witches Tit in the Morning and these old bones just don’t seem to want to do much till Noonish.. Well that is my Rant for the morning, Freedom wants out so I’ll be back later.


So today my bottle of Jade East Cologne came, this is First Generation by Swank, so this Cologne is actually a 49 year old bottle, I guess I have to have trust that it is the original Cologne in the bottle but it is kinda cool,  Retro Cool,  to have the same Cologne I had back in High School, it does smell a bit different than my memory serves but that is a lot to ask of my little brain to remember exactly how it smelled.. I have been smelling Jade East for the last month or so and it is a bit different than the smell in my head… oh well, it’s still cool.


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