Good Luck for the New Year

Well it is said that a bowl of Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day will bring Good Luck and Prosperity for the New Year, now I have also heard that they should be cooked with a Silver Dollar in the pot. Geneva isn’t going for it and I really don’t blame her, a dirty Silver Dollar cooked in my food really doesn’t seem too sanitary but we will be having Navy Beans and Ham, with Corn Bread Muffins tonight and most likely for the next four or five nights, how I love Navy Beans and Ham and Geneva adds a bit of Ginger cooked into the beans to take some of the embarrassing side effects away  (Gas), along with the Corn Bread Muffins this is a great winter dinner just don’t sleep with your head under the covers… Have a Great New Year – 2017 – Peace~


Pathetic Regime Changes

It’s time to wake up, we have destroyed Syria, killed thousands and displaced 100’s of thousands from their homes for absolutely nothing, this was nothing more than an attempt to make an Regime Change.. If I were Assad I would have stepped down just to save my country and lives but we were still in the wrong in our attempt, the crimes we said he had done were nothing in comparison to what happened from the war, did I like the man.. Hell no, but that really doesn’t matter, we have become a selfish disgusting country to try replacing him, and with what, probably just like Iraq we would have violent, disgusting ISIS stepping in.. this was the worst part of 2016, and the saddest I have seen in a long long time. — ~Peace~

Day After Christmas – December 26 2016

Well Christmas is over, it really didn’t come to my house this year, not at all like when there were children. Geneva really cooked a great Christmas Dinner, it’s something she feels she has to do whether it’s for a large group or just the two of us she does the entire Christmas Dinner thing, a huge ham which will last us quite a while, mashed potatoes, Carrot Jello Salad, Cranberries, Corn on the Cob, Olives.. well it was really a very nice dinner.. our house totally lacked any Yule Tide Decorating this year and except for a Pumpkin Pie sitting on the counter you would never know it was some sort of a Holiday, but I did get a new Journal for Christmas, it’s much nicer than the one I had for 2016, larger for one thing and opens up in a way that I can write into it much easier, so I’m looking forward to starting my Diary with a new Journal. Freedom’s Birthday was yesterday and for some strange reason he got sick last night, poor little guy but he seems much better today, must have been something he ate, maybe he had too many treats yesterday who knows.. anyways here is my New Journal, it has a Elephant embossed into the leather cover which looks pretty cool and it’s 180 pages, which gives me 360 writing pages, more than enough.. shot this picture to show the difference between last years Journal and the new one.. I like the larger size a lot..


I’ll start using the new one when I just can’t stand the wait any longer, there is no set date to start it, just when ever or if I run out of writing pages..

And as far as any Holiday Decoration in the house I guess this Pumpkin Pie is it..LOL


Well Peace to all, I hope everyone received what they needed for the Holiday.


This is the Night Stand next to my bed, the Radio is set at KSSI-FM, which is a local FM Radio Station.. I absolutely love the music they play on this station and listen to it every night and wake up to it, the programming is fantastic, oldies mixed with newer stuff and there is very few commercials, quite often they go for over a half hour without any interruption.. a great station !!.. the Fire Tablet sitting next to the radio has ALL my music on it and it plugs into the powered speakers you see on each side of the Radio, it can really punch out some sound.. and it’s really cool having every CD I own on one device, the other nice thing about KSSI FM is they have a website with live play available on it, so even my Tablet can play the radio station as long as I have WiFi Connection.. I hate the 21 Century BUT some devices are nice to have for music – In my opinion that is – .. if you want to listen to the Radio Station it is on (just type in, it doesn’t seem to work if you add the www in front- weird) the oldies don’t go back as far as I like (50’s) but the choices of the 60’s thru the 80’s is really good, my hats off to a Radio Station that knows how to program a excellent show without many interruption.. So Enjoy and ~Peace~



But if California would be willing to split in half and divide us up away from the Coastal Cities then Yes, I live Inland and we in the remote part of California just don’t think the same way as the Socialist Left Coastal Cities like Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fransisco and San Diego… of course we would need another Big Beautiful Wall to keep the Commies out… Just Think Hillary would become the Queen of the Coast, she could buy a mansion next to Oprah or Barbra Streisand. They would get rid of Prop 13 and everyone else would move out.

Relax – You’ll Live Longer

I deleted a comment I made yesterday, after serious thought I decided I am watching too much news and need to put some distance between myself and the rest of society, actually after a phone call I got yesterday convinced me that I should keep a safe distance from everyone, no telling what they have…LOL — So– RELAX, Don’t touch anything, Don’t shake hands or you could be drained of your energy, eat less food, don’t touch money and most of all RELAX – Peace~