December 1 —- Tis The Season

1:30 am. Coyotes are working the neighborhood, I can hear their “Yip Yip” near by, God forbid that anyone has left their dogs outside in this cold weather, a Coyote can jump a 6 foot fence like you wouldn’t believe, and they have no fear of humans or our habitants, protect your pets and bring them in, besides it colder than a Witches Tit out there….

4:30am — Freedom needs to pee, Turn on The Porch light and check out the Back Yard before letting him out, High Intensity Flashlight and Hardwood Walking Stick in hand, stay close to him.

Noonish:  Well I took care of all my running around for the day and since it was the 1st Thursday of the Month we went out for our Chinese Buffet, we both really like the food there and they have a great selection.. anyways today at lunch Geneva and I had a conversation, well kind of one sided, I told her that I am going to start taking things less seriously and enjoy my life a little bit more than I have been doing. Now it’s nap time so see ya all later………………………………………………………………………………………. and speaking of Chinese Buffet I have noticed that the older I get the more I look like Jurojin, The Japanese Deity of Long Life, now Jurojin and Fukurokuju originated from an old Chinese tale about a mythical Chinese Taoist hermit, so they are the same Deity sharing the same body but Fukurokuju is depicted with a very huge forehead but besides that they are much the same, sometimes with a Deer next to them or a Peach in his hand, which again is a strange coincidence “Peach” is also a symbol of Longetivity.. maybe it is from eating at the Buffet once a month that it is changing my appearance to a Japanese/Chinese Deity.. I am being sarcastic I hope ya know…LOL..


And to make things even stranger I even own a Jade Statue of Fukurokuju holding a Peach…


Well enough of the Chinese Buffet stories, it’s time for that nap.

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