December Brides

For those who do not know what I am talking about, a December Bride is someone who gets Married in the later years of their life, many friends my age have either widowed or Divorced and are spending the Golden years alone but before you jump into something to fill that void there are things to take in consideration and the main one that affects those of us who live on Social Security would be DEBT, now we all know when we marry we also take on the DEBT of our new Spouse and there are two kinds of DEBT that can affect our Social Security and those would be owing the I.R.S. or Student Loans, now you’ve met that special person who is well educated and known among their peers as Doctor, sounds cool huh ?.. Just the kind of person Mother would be proud they married BUT if they never paid back that Student Loan they can be in debt for 100’s of thousands of dollars and when you Marry that person you just might have signed away your Pension.. so I guess the best thing to do is get a reliable credit check before jumping into that December Wedding, if you are being pressured to get married quickly there just might be something wrong that they don’t want you to see, Bankruptcy does not protect debt by Student Loans or I.R.S, you can run but you can’t hide…. Not Everyone is Nice – Kind and Honest… ~Peace~


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