Cold Weather = Thermals

Geneva bought me some Thermals last weekend, I haven’t had any Thermals for at least 15 years, but this year I am freezing my butt off, the older I get the thinner my skin is and this year it just adds to it being so damn cold and more cold on it’s way, Tuesday and Wednesday we are forecasted to have below freezing temps at night… I bought a 7inch Tablet this morning, I want it for a MP3 Player and I guess I can store my pictures on it also, it was actually cheaper than a Sony Discman I bought years ago and this will actually hold ALL my music with a 16GB Storage and it will also take a 200GB SD Card if I need to add that much later down the line, I have a little MP3 player I got as a Christmas Gift from the Company I use to work for, I’ve had it for about 5 years, the only problem is I can’t pick which song I want to listen to, I can only click forward until I get something I want to hear, this will be more like having my own little Juke Box, I’ll never take it online, not something I really want to do and have no reason to go online, I do all that stuff with my computer.. I will probably look into getting some external speakers so I can listen to this like a stereo while taking my nap or whatever, I always listen to the Radio or a CD while taking a nap.. this really isn’t being very Retro but this tablet also has a 12 hour battery life so it makes for a good MP3 player.. I’m a little upset at myself for breaking down and buying a electronic gadget… oh well, I like to listen to all my 60’s music and this beats a new MP3 player, I bet I can even add a stopwatch program to it for when I do Long Exposures, which is pretty cool– Shit I’m going to turn into one of those people who sits and looks at a itty bitty screen and flipping my finger across it – damn, and I said I’d never do that… well the Sun is about to come up and I promised Freedom a long walk today, so till later ~Peace~

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