This is the Night Stand next to my bed, the Radio is set at KSSI-FM, which is a local FM Radio Station.. I absolutely love the music they play on this station and listen to it every night and wake up to it, the programming is fantastic, oldies mixed with newer stuff and there is very few commercials, quite often they go for over a half hour without any interruption.. a great station !!.. the Fire Tablet sitting next to the radio has ALL my music on it and it plugs into the powered speakers you see on each side of the Radio, it can really punch out some sound.. and it’s really cool having every CD I own on one device, the other nice thing about KSSI FM is they have a website with live play available on it, so even my Tablet can play the radio station as long as I have WiFi Connection.. I hate the 21 Century BUT some devices are nice to have for music – In my opinion that is – .. if you want to listen to the Radio Station it is on (just type in, it doesn’t seem to work if you add the www in front- weird) the oldies don’t go back as far as I like (50’s) but the choices of the 60’s thru the 80’s is really good, my hats off to a Radio Station that knows how to program a excellent show without many interruption.. So Enjoy and ~Peace~



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