Day After Christmas – December 26 2016

Well Christmas is over, it really didn’t come to my house this year, not at all like when there were children. Geneva really cooked a great Christmas Dinner, it’s something she feels she has to do whether it’s for a large group or just the two of us she does the entire Christmas Dinner thing, a huge ham which will last us quite a while, mashed potatoes, Carrot Jello Salad, Cranberries, Corn on the Cob, Olives.. well it was really a very nice dinner.. our house totally lacked any Yule Tide Decorating this year and except for a Pumpkin Pie sitting on the counter you would never know it was some sort of a Holiday, but I did get a new Journal for Christmas, it’s much nicer than the one I had for 2016, larger for one thing and opens up in a way that I can write into it much easier, so I’m looking forward to starting my Diary with a new Journal. Freedom’s Birthday was yesterday and for some strange reason he got sick last night, poor little guy but he seems much better today, must have been something he ate, maybe he had too many treats yesterday who knows.. anyways here is my New Journal, it has a Elephant embossed into the leather cover which looks pretty cool and it’s 180 pages, which gives me 360 writing pages, more than enough.. shot this picture to show the difference between last years Journal and the new one.. I like the larger size a lot..


I’ll start using the new one when I just can’t stand the wait any longer, there is no set date to start it, just when ever or if I run out of writing pages..

And as far as any Holiday Decoration in the house I guess this Pumpkin Pie is it..LOL


Well Peace to all, I hope everyone received what they needed for the Holiday.


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