Vincente Fox

Former President of Mexico said: “When I saw today’s gathering of the Republican Party retreat, Trump being there reminded me of Hitler addressing the Nazi Party,”

I have to assume he is comparing sending Illegals back to Mexico is like sending Jews to Auschwitz concentration camp.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I have no respect for the Mexican Government.

Best Political Quote

Theresa May, Prime Minister to the United Kingdom gave a speech to the Republicans during her visit here the other day to talk to President Donald Trump, but in her speech she uttered these words “The UK and US could not return to “failed” military interventions “to remake the world in our own image”, …… last a breath of fresh air, the World does not think the same way as we Westerners and our attempts to change their attitudes has failed, mostly I feel is due to the Muslim Religion and how their Religion is intertwined with their Politics, it’s time to let them live their way but also I hope that if they come to our Country they assimilate and live our way… we’re different that is for sure, and it seems we don’t want to change for them no more than they want to change for us. The Americans and the Brits do not want to give up their Nationality or Laws, this is why Globalization sucks, it’s a bad idea, we are not all on the same wave length in our thought processes and should be allowed to have our own National Individuality… something my wife pointed out to me, a Muslim Taxi Driver refused service to a Blind Man and his Service Dog.. well it was his Service Dog that was the problem, it seems somewhere in their thought process and upbringing that Dogs are bad… well HELLO, not Service Dogs in this country, the Judge will be explaining to him how this all works. Any ways I thought I would mention all this mostly because I like P.M. Theresa May, she does remind me of Margaret Thatcher, whom I admired greatly.

Trip to Palmdale

I had to go to Palmdale yesterday for a Dr. visit and change my pain meds, three day patches (it takes a patch 24 hours to be fully into your system)…maybe now I’ll sleep like other humans but if last night is any indication..well let’s say the dreams were very interesting to say the least but I did get in 4 1/2 hours which was nice.

My fingers still are not cooperating with the guitar so I tuned to a dropped open D chord and will work on playing slide, that should be a bit more interesting and less painful playing…

Not much else to say except —– ~Peace~

Inauguration Day

Well today is the day we swear in our 45 President, seems a lot of people are really upset that it was Trump instead of Hillary, Hillary had to lay off an entire group within the Clinton Foundation since she could make good her Pay for Play, she received and spent 1.2 Billion dollars on her election and those people were expecting certain favors, since they aren’t getting those favors the money shut off and she had to lay a bunch of people off, oh well. I want to say I haven’t voted (In actuality) in over 10 years, We vote on absentee ballot and I turned over my voting to my wife, whatever you want Honey I’ll sign it, and she takes the process quite personal, does her Due Diligence and talks to me about how I feel on many matters, then she fills out BOTH our Ballots and I sign it, it’s a sweet process and makes her quite involved….. BUT in actuality I don’t really vote, she votes twice this way.. many people might disagree on what I am doing, I really don’t give a shit anymore. Well many protest are planned against Trump’s Inauguration, so I am sure there will be a lot of Blood Letting, hopefully those who chose to go to the event just to see History made whether they voted for Trump or Hillary, well I hope they are safe and out of harms way, this Presidency will change America and I think it will be for the better, we were going down the same path as the EU, this Globalization thing isn’t working for Europe, all the tribal mid east in moving into the cultured Europe and they don’t know how to act, all they know is if they move there they will get many benefits that their Warlords would never have given them.. and lots of free stuff, plus the men with their primitive attitudes about women are having fun raping and grouping, plus of course they also think that children are there for their sexual perversions, so everyone has to lock up their children to keep them safe… The World is changing and not for the better, maybe today it will reverse and America can remain America.. ~Peace~

P.S. — Pain sucks and I’m tired of it !

Went to Kernville

Today I went to Kernville to check out the River, it was flowing pretty fast and the Lake was filling up beautifully, while at the River I met this Gentleman named Jack, he had lived in the area for 30 years, nice guy and everyone who walked by he told them to read the Bible and the end was near, I think I agree with him it certainly has been some very interesting years.. anyways this is Jack, very photogenic and nice..


He thought Freedom was the greatest dog he had ever seen and Freedom seemed friendly to him so he must be alright.


My guitar finally has some new strings on it (lighter gage) and I’ve been playing it for a couple days now, it is really a great playing guitar and has a fantastic sound, I hope I can get my fingers back in shape and learn some new music.. some good Blues would sound good on this guitar.


I’ll have to get some better pictures of it, but the shitter in the background might be a good metaphor on my playing…LOL

The Young Pope

Watching the mini-series “The Young Pope” on HBO, very well thought out movie, quite thought provoking and so far has been a excellent movie about faith.

Wonder if the movie is trying to tell us what it might have been like if Lucian Pulvermacher  (Pope Pius XIII) had taken the seat at the Vatican, interesting.