Fish N’ Chips

Living here in this remote Desert Town has its drawbacks and the one that bothers me is we don’t have a good Fish N’ Chips Restaurant, we don’t even have a bad one.. at one time we had a Gentleman from Scotland who married one of our locals and he bought a Pub on the outskirts of town and he sold a very good order of Fish N’ Chips and it was a very thriving business, if you ordered Fish N’ Chips there at the Pub you would get a huge pile of Chips, along with a cold Beer it was a very profitable business, but after about 10 years he sold the Pub and moved back to Scotland…damn ! That was the end of our Fish N’ Chips, the new owners went out of business and we were left High N’ Dry  and no way to fill our urges for Fish N’ Chips. If there is anyone out there with a good British Beer Batter Recipe for Fish, and Chips smothered in salt your first costumer is waiting.

UPDATE: After my Morning shower I remembered the name of the Pub.. it was called McKenna’s Pub, it has been gone now for close to 15 years or more, when McKenna sold it they changed the name to The Root Cellar but it never had the business like when it was McKenna’s Pub, I definitely remembered his great Beer Batter Fish N’ Chips, what a loss to the community, we American’s do love our food.


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