New Year’s Resolutions

A couple of things I want to accomplish this year (leaving out Personal Relationships with Family etc..)– One: Is to turn my HP R2000 Printer into a Carbon Printer for Black and White only, the problem I see with this is I will ONLY get Black and White prints from it, no warm tones unless it happens to be in the paper which is possible to get some nice tones from but very subtle to say the least, not only will this give me a Carbon Print with a very very long life expectancy it will cut my cost down for prints (which I have been doing very little).

Two: Shoot more medium format with my Rolleicords, the 1955 really needs to be sent in for a CLA (Clean-Lubricate-Adjust) and that also is on my list, the 1953 could use a CLA also but not as bad, it adjust (changing settings) very smoothly, so no rush on that one.

Three: If I am going to print Carbon Prints maybe I should stop using color film, I’m really not sure if I will do that since I can adjust color filters digitally but the big drawback is if I get any Silver Prints from the Negatives (will I really ever do that ?). So Three is not that important.

Four: Quit Smoking, I have already made changes to this terrible habit which will be helpful when I finally do quit, this one includes exercising more.

Five: Sell off a bunch of cameras and stuff, nobody in my family would know how to use them anyways and so I might as well get rid of them now.

I’ll come back and add to this list later, I need to wake up———


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