Something To Think About

Sometimes we need to wait, take a breath and get the facts before rushing to judgment, this is something I feel our President Elect (and myself) should learn to do, it takes some patience and self control but you will find that you are less likely to look like a fool, remember you are not always right but less likely to be wrong if you don’t respond immediately, the world is not in a big hurry to hear your opinion, they can wait.

I haven’t been doing much lately except sleeping..LOL, I’ve dragged out my acoustic guitar and decided to give it another try, it’s been many years since I stopped playing and I miss it but right now my fingers are not liking what I am doing to them so I bought some lighter gage strings to give them some relief.. I should be getting them in a week or so then I can jump in and start playing again.

I have a headache this morning so I’ll probably take an aspirin and go back to bed for a while… everyone have a nice day– ~Peace~

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