Went to Kernville

Today I went to Kernville to check out the River, it was flowing pretty fast and the Lake was filling up beautifully, while at the River I met this Gentleman named Jack, he had lived in the area for 30 years, nice guy and everyone who walked by he told them to read the Bible and the end was near, I think I agree with him it certainly has been some very interesting years.. anyways this is Jack, very photogenic and nice..


He thought Freedom was the greatest dog he had ever seen and Freedom seemed friendly to him so he must be alright.


My guitar finally has some new strings on it (lighter gage) and I’ve been playing it for a couple days now, it is really a great playing guitar and has a fantastic sound, I hope I can get my fingers back in shape and learn some new music.. some good Blues would sound good on this guitar.


I’ll have to get some better pictures of it, but the shitter in the background might be a good metaphor on my playing…LOL

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