Inauguration Day

Well today is the day we swear in our 45 President, seems a lot of people are really upset that it was Trump instead of Hillary, Hillary had to lay off an entire group within the Clinton Foundation since she could make good her Pay for Play, she received and spent 1.2 Billion dollars on her election and those people were expecting certain favors, since they aren’t getting those favors the money shut off and she had to lay a bunch of people off, oh well. I want to say I haven’t voted (In actuality) in over 10 years, We vote on absentee ballot and I turned over my voting to my wife, whatever you want Honey I’ll sign it, and she takes the process quite personal, does her Due Diligence and talks to me about how I feel on many matters, then she fills out BOTH our Ballots and I sign it, it’s a sweet process and makes her quite involved….. BUT in actuality I don’t really vote, she votes twice this way.. many people might disagree on what I am doing, I really don’t give a shit anymore. Well many protest are planned against Trump’s Inauguration, so I am sure there will be a lot of Blood Letting, hopefully those who chose to go to the event just to see History made whether they voted for Trump or Hillary, well I hope they are safe and out of harms way, this Presidency will change America and I think it will be for the better, we were going down the same path as the EU, this Globalization thing isn’t working for Europe, all the tribal mid east in moving into the cultured Europe and they don’t know how to act, all they know is if they move there they will get many benefits that their Warlords would never have given them.. and lots of free stuff, plus the men with their primitive attitudes about women are having fun raping and grouping, plus of course they also think that children are there for their sexual perversions, so everyone has to lock up their children to keep them safe… The World is changing and not for the better, maybe today it will reverse and America can remain America.. ~Peace~

P.S. — Pain sucks and I’m tired of it !


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