Best Political Quote

Theresa May, Prime Minister to the United Kingdom gave a speech to the Republicans during her visit here the other day to talk to President Donald Trump, but in her speech she uttered these words “The UK and US could not return to “failed” military interventions “to remake the world in our own image”, …… last a breath of fresh air, the World does not think the same way as we Westerners and our attempts to change their attitudes has failed, mostly I feel is due to the Muslim Religion and how their Religion is intertwined with their Politics, it’s time to let them live their way but also I hope that if they come to our Country they assimilate and live our way… we’re different that is for sure, and it seems we don’t want to change for them no more than they want to change for us. The Americans and the Brits do not want to give up their Nationality or Laws, this is why Globalization sucks, it’s a bad idea, we are not all on the same wave length in our thought processes and should be allowed to have our own National Individuality… something my wife pointed out to me, a Muslim Taxi Driver refused service to a Blind Man and his Service Dog.. well it was his Service Dog that was the problem, it seems somewhere in their thought process and upbringing that Dogs are bad… well HELLO, not Service Dogs in this country, the Judge will be explaining to him how this all works. Any ways I thought I would mention all this mostly because I like P.M. Theresa May, she does remind me of Margaret Thatcher, whom I admired greatly.


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