Gollywood is going to crash and burn, The Actors better learn Chinese because they will be able to pick up the studios for a song and when they scream Bankruptcy there won’t be anyone there to pick up the pieces, no one will be screaming “They are too Big to Fail and if the Gov’t doesn’t bail them out The Chinese will buy up all the studios”.. The Patients have taken over the asylum– The Actors have written their own scripts… Say Goodnight Gracie – Goodnight Gracie.

P.S.— I didn’t watch the Awards, couldn’t bare to see a bunch of over paid brats throw a Tizzy because they don’t have their Queen in office.


UPDATE: And the Winner for Best Actor is —– Bernie Sanders in “Everything is Free”.


Here is a picture of Warren Beatty holding up the correct card for Best Picture, this is not the one that was given to him at first, he was given the card for Best Actress and when he showed it to his Co-Host Faye Dunaway she saw Emma Stone in La La Land and shouted out — La La Land for best picture.. considered the blunder of all times since the inception of the Oscars, but everyone was so busy ragging on Donald Trump and texting their buddies they were just too busy to get things right that night….Sorry Warren but you got framed by the Commies.


Whiskey Flat Days

Every year for 60 now they have Whiskey Flat Days in Kernville Calif, the town has a Rodeo. Parade, Frog Jumping Contest, Whisker Growing Contest and Carnival, and they have it during The Presidents Holiday which is this weekend, well we have had a lot of rain the last few days and I went up there on Thursday to take some pictures before the celebration and if possible I’ll go there tomorrow to take some more IF they aren’t rained out.. back in the 1960’s it rained so bad that the bridge going over the river in town was wiped out and at Camp James the campers had to tie their trailers to trees so they wouldn’t float away… well which brings me to two more pictures I took last Thursday.


These gentlemen are setting up a Indian Tee-Pee in the Whiskey Flat Encampment Area, which is near the river, and the way it has been raining they just might be IN the River, so I’ll check and see how they fared.


This is the Bridge that got wiped out in the 1960’s from heavy rains during the Whiskey Flat Celebration, so you can see the river has a ways to go before the water will crest over the bridge but if it does the Tee-Pee guys will definitely be floating down the river into the lake. The road into Kernville floods during heavy rains so I will see if I can get in tomorrow… Be safe out there, there is a lot of water on the roads.

This Morning

This Morning we had an Ambulance and Fire Truck show up for one of our neighbors, not sure if it was for a neighbor or someone visiting them but anyways they got hauled off by an Ambulance…Hope all is well.


I had mentioned before how much I liked Imogene Cunningham’s Photography, she took this picture of her Father and I have always thought it was pretty cool, I’m sure it had some influence on me as you will see…LOL


I recently had to finish of a roll that was in my 1955 Rolleicord so I thought I’s shoot a self portrait, this might be the last one I shoot for quite a while, matter of fact it is the only one I have shot in a year…anyways I think I won’t shoot anymore until I loose about 25 pounds and I have decided I won’t cut my hair until I Time Travel to the past, due to a reoccurring dream I have had about visiting myself in the past and I had long hair… one way of putting this, I doubt I’ll ever cut my hair…LOL


Freedom’s New Do

Freedom went to the Groomer the other day and she cut his hair in a different way, leaving his Beard and Ears long, I thought it looked pretty good so I took some photos to see if she will cut it that way all the time, or at least until He – Me – Tires of it.. so here is his new do.

Judy Dater – Photographer

One of my favorite Photographers of all time was Imogene Cunningham, she was really great, friends with Ansel Adams and one of the founding members of f64, which was a group of Photographers from the San Fransisco area, which included her and Ansel Adams, Minor White, Edward Weston.. well the list goes on ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_f/64 )

Judy Dater had become good friends with Imogene and joined the group for a while, shooting 4×5 Large Format (the group was Large Format Photographers) and one of my favorite pictures of all time is the one Judy Dater shot of Imogene while doing a photo field trip with f64 along with model Twinka, anyways I’ll post that shot and another that Judy had done of Imogen, a nice portrait. If you have time to burn Google Judy Dater and see her work, Judy is still alive and kicking, married to a Librarian at Berkley, well he was a Librarian but probably retired by now.. anyways here are the photos…


Funny thing about the picture of Imogene and Twinka, a friend of mine was telling me that she and her husband was in San Fransisco and almost bought that print, she then said something about the value of a Imogene Cunningham Photograph, I had to laugh.. when I told her it’s obvious that Imogene didn’t take the photo she got kind of quiet.. oh yea…. LOL.

Living in California

Or should I say — Barely surviving in California. Lately I have been talking to my wife – Geneva about selling our home and leaving the state, Governor Brown (MoonBeam) is going to impose many new taxes on the citizens of this state in order to pay for his Sanctuary State and to tell the truth is is just so expensive to live here on a fixed income of Social Security, but my wife does not want to give up her home here, this house symbolizes everything that she did not have as a child, first it is hers and the ownership gives her the security she did not have as a child, ¬†Geneva was raised Mississippi poor in California, her Mother came here from Mississippi to hide from a cruel husband and she raised her two Daughters by herself, no child support, no public assistance, no food stamps, riding the bus to work, over 30 years at a Laundry Service, and doing the best she could to survive. Geneva and her Sister didn’t have the latest in fashion in clothes nor did they have fancy toys to play with, they were Mississippi Poor in California. These days an Illegal Immigrant can live better than Geneva ever did as a child and MoonBeam Brown wants the Citizens of this state to pay for it in more taxes, more and more taxes, we won’t be moving that is for sure because this home symbolizes the security that Geneva never had as a child… Me. I want to leave the state to some place where Senior Citizens are given a fair shake, Oregon looks good to me but then again shoveling snow at 70 years old doesn’t appeal to me or Geneva, so we will end up paying more for our water, more for our heat, more for our food, more for our electricity, more for our automobile licenses and tags, more for our Insurance, more for our medical…more for everything so that those who have never worked a day in this country can get all those things for free and won’t have to be Mississippi Poor.