Judy Dater – Photographer

One of my favorite Photographers of all time was Imogene Cunningham, she was really great, friends with Ansel Adams and one of the founding members of f64, which was a group of Photographers from the San Fransisco area, which included her and Ansel Adams, Minor White, Edward Weston.. well the list goes on ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_f/64 )

Judy Dater had become good friends with Imogene and joined the group for a while, shooting 4×5 Large Format (the group was Large Format Photographers) and one of my favorite pictures of all time is the one Judy Dater shot of Imogene while doing a photo field trip with f64 along with model Twinka, anyways I’ll post that shot and another that Judy had done of Imogen, a nice portrait. If you have time to burn Google Judy Dater and see her work, Judy is still alive and kicking, married to a Librarian at Berkley, well he was a Librarian but probably retired by now.. anyways here are the photos…


Funny thing about the picture of Imogene and Twinka, a friend of mine was telling me that she and her husband was in San Fransisco and almost bought that print, she then said something about the value of a Imogene Cunningham Photograph, I had to laugh.. when I told her it’s obvious that Imogene didn’t take the photo she got kind of quiet.. oh yea…. LOL.


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