This Morning

This Morning we had an Ambulance and Fire Truck show up for one of our neighbors, not sure if it was for a neighbor or someone visiting them but anyways they got hauled off by an Ambulance…Hope all is well.


I had mentioned before how much I liked Imogene Cunningham’s Photography, she took this picture of her Father and I have always thought it was pretty cool, I’m sure it had some influence on me as you will see…LOL


I recently had to finish of a roll that was in my 1955 Rolleicord so I thought I’s shoot a self portrait, this might be the last one I shoot for quite a while, matter of fact it is the only one I have shot in a year…anyways I think I won’t shoot anymore until I loose about 25 pounds and I have decided I won’t cut my hair until I Time Travel to the past, due to a reoccurring dream I have had about visiting myself in the past and I had long hair… one way of putting this, I doubt I’ll ever cut my hair…LOL


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