Whiskey Flat Days

Every year for 60 now they have Whiskey Flat Days in Kernville Calif, the town has a Rodeo. Parade, Frog Jumping Contest, Whisker Growing Contest and Carnival, and they have it during The Presidents Holiday which is this weekend, well we have had a lot of rain the last few days and I went up there on Thursday to take some pictures before the celebration and if possible I’ll go there tomorrow to take some more IF they aren’t rained out.. back in the 1960’s it rained so bad that the bridge going over the river in town was wiped out and at Camp James the campers had to tie their trailers to trees so they wouldn’t float away… well which brings me to two more pictures I took last Thursday.


These gentlemen are setting up a Indian Tee-Pee in the Whiskey Flat Encampment Area, which is near the river, and the way it has been raining they just might be IN the River, so I’ll check and see how they fared.


This is the Bridge that got wiped out in the 1960’s from heavy rains during the Whiskey Flat Celebration, so you can see the river has a ways to go before the water will crest over the bridge but if it does the Tee-Pee guys will definitely be floating down the river into the lake. The road into Kernville floods during heavy rains so I will see if I can get in tomorrow… Be safe out there, there is a lot of water on the roads.

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