Gollywood is going to crash and burn, The Actors better learn Chinese because they will be able to pick up the studios for a song and when they scream Bankruptcy there won’t be anyone there to pick up the pieces, no one will be screaming “They are too Big to Fail and if the Gov’t doesn’t bail them out The Chinese will buy up all the studios”.. The Patients have taken over the asylum– The Actors have written their own scripts… Say Goodnight Gracie – Goodnight Gracie.

P.S.— I didn’t watch the Awards, couldn’t bare to see a bunch of over paid brats throw a Tizzy because they don’t have their Queen in office.


UPDATE: And the Winner for Best Actor is —– Bernie Sanders in “Everything is Free”.


Here is a picture of Warren Beatty holding up the correct card for Best Picture, this is not the one that was given to him at first, he was given the card for Best Actress and when he showed it to his Co-Host Faye Dunaway she saw Emma Stone in La La Land and shouted out — La La Land for best picture.. considered the blunder of all times since the inception of the Oscars, but everyone was so busy ragging on Donald Trump and texting their buddies they were just too busy to get things right that night….Sorry Warren but you got framed by the Commies.


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