Your Great Grandchildren will curse the day you gave your country away to the E.U. – What are you thinking ?



  1. Without a Fence your Neighbor’s Goats will eat all your Corn.
  2. Without a Fence your Neighbor’s Chihuahua will Rape Your Toy Poodle.
  3. This is why Fences are Good.

Zeiss Flektogon

Last August I bought a nice 35mm 2.8 Flektogon, Exakata Mount Lens. today I took it out on my Sony A7r and played around with it… Love the Bokeh of this lens, this is the nice thing about Digital, you can see everything Now.. anyways some Iris’s have been Blooming and I decided I’d give it a whril, I actually bought this lens for Street Photography if I ever get a chance to be some place where there are people.. but till then..

Iris - Bokeh- web

Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party

Why was Bernie Sanders Running for President ?  If The Democratic Party  had no intention of supporting Bernie Sanders bid for the Presidency then why was he allowed to run for President (as proven by Donna Brazile, Interim Chairperson for the Democratic National Committee)  ?… First, Bernie Sanders would be getting Contributions from like minded citizens which added up to approx. $228 Million Dollars, which could be fed into the Democratic Committee and used for paying for television Debates with Hillary Clinton, this would help Hillary Clinton get her message out in the form of a Debate instead of paying for expensive commercials, within the Debate Bernie could also be a useful tool in silencing bad press on Hillary as he did when he said “people are sick of hearing about Hillary’s Damn E-Mails” This helped Hillary out a lot, it made the e-mails look as if they were a Non-Issue and the entire e-mail problem should be discarded. Bernie Sanders was nothing more than a tool used by The Democratic National Committee in helping Hillary Clinton in her bid for the Presidency, he generated money and helped Hillary get her message out to the public, without Bernie it would have appeared exactly as it was a One Dog and Pony Show. Everyone who gave money to The Bernie Sanders Campaign should be suing The Democratic National Committee for the return of their Contribution.