Taxes and Liars

I live in California, have all my life except for a few years, I was a proud Californian but not so much any more.  A 12-cent gas tax hike recently approved by California’s Democrats will bring the gas tax to 73.2 cents per gallon, this money is put in a General Fund and is accessible for our state leaders to take it and use it for anything they wish, as is our Sin Taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco. When they (State Lawmakers) initiate these taxes they tell us they are to be used for certain uses but we know this is a lie and that is what has to stop, California Infrastructure (Roads and Damns etc..) are a mess and the money has actually gone towards paying for the Sanctuary State Illegals, Education, Health, Housing, Food… More pressure needs to be put on the country of Mexico to take care of their citizens, United States Manufactures have moved a lot of businesses to Mexico and given the citizens of that country a lot of jobs but this didn’t slow illegal immigration but it actually has increased and the reason for this is California offers so much more for those who come here illegally than their own country offers them, we actually make it easier for illegals to get into social programs than we do for our own citizens, after all they are who they say they are and they have the dependents that they tell us they have, United States is one of the most lenient countries in the entire world to immigrate to, but I for one say enough is enough, being a senior citizen and had worked for 50 years I am slowly being choked out financially by higher prices at the Supermarket, Gas Pump, Insurance, Medical Insurance, Prescription Drugs, the list is long and I am almost at the point in looking for a state that is friendlier to its Retirees and Citizens. The Wall promised by President Trump would have greatly helped curb illegal drug trade, lowered cost for infrastructure, education, medical cost, police, Hospitals, Schools, Teachers, the list goes on and on of what the increase of illegals cost the American Citizen and takes away from our own children. It is time to force the country of Mexico to start taking care of their own so we can do the same. So in closing I have to say that if the Wall is not built I for one take a harder look at immigration and suggest we deport ALL illegals… Force Mexico to man up and take care of their people, they say Charity begins at home, so be it.



Barking at the Wind

Today I was on the phone with my Insurance Company about my Drug Coverage, at the same time Freedom (My Dog) was outside Barking At The Wind, Ironic that we were on the same page at the very same moment.

I’d Love To Change The World

“I’d Love To Change The World”

Every where is freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies;
Tell me where is sanity?
Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more.
I’d love to change the world – but I don’t know what to do,
So I’ll leave it up to you.

Population – keeps on breeding, nation bleeding,
Still more feeding economy.
Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honey,
Who needs money? Monopoly!
I’d love to change the world – but I don’t know what to do,
So I’ll leave it up to you… Oh yeah,

World polution, there’s no solution, institution, electrocution,
Just black and white, rich or poor, them and us,
We’ll stop the war!
I’d love to change the world – but I don’t know what to do,
So I’ll leave it up to you… and Good Luck!

Ten Years After —–

Paying for our Own Annihilation

Bill Clinton gave N. Korea 4 Billion Dollars, Obama gave Iran 10 Billion Dollars, we are paying for our own annihilation. Singer/Songwriter David Crosby Supported Clinton and Obama and even wrote a song about them… Wooden Ships – written about the after effects of a Nuclear War, he just didn’t know it was those he supported that would end up paying for it.


Well as of today nothing from the Insurance Company about my prescriptions— Of Course.

My Book came in the mail today, Fast Track To Sailing, so I’ll spend these painful moments trying to learn all about sailing..


Fake Constituents

More and more Congressmen are returning home to angry mobs, but are these truly their constituents, then they can’t get a grip on “The Angry Mob Mentality” and end up canceling their Town Hall Meetings and pissing off their REAL CONSTITUENTS. this is pure Alinsky style  disruption…. THEN the left sided news papers report how rude they are acting to their Constituents. if the mobs are not allowed into the Town Hall Meetings then they shut it down from outside by creating chaos and disruption any way possible, these Alinsky style tactics are being used all across the United States of America and ALL across the World by non other than The Hungarian Nazi Collaborator George Soros and his rent a mob groups, it is the job of a Congressman to represent his Constituents, The People of His/Her District and nobody else, Congresswoman Maxine Waters pisses me off to no end, but she is not MY Congresswoman and I am not going to show up at her Town Hall Meetings in an attempt to shut it down, Nancy Pelosi is NOT MY Congresswoman and it is not MY job to try to unseat her from her position as a Congressperson. Be aware Alinsky   methods are being used every day to disrupt the American way and soon we will be ruled by mobs and violence if we allow it to continue. ~PEACE~


The poorly built Lion Class Cheoy Lee Sloop, but they are beautiful.