Last night President Trump bombed a Syrian Military Base with 59 Cruise Missiles in retaliation of President Assad using Nerve Gas on his citizens, we demolished the Military Base and it can no longer be used for loading their planes with Nerve Gas.. I hate War but one thing for sure, civilized people do not use nerve gas on their citizens and I do feel that The United States striking out against those who slaughter the defenseless is the right thing to do, and eliminating the Syrian Government ability to use these types of weapons is not a act of war but a act of Peace for all humanity, Trump’s choice of this target was humane and just and it is what we the people of this country truly stand for — so if you disagree with that — well you can stuff it for all I care.


2 thoughts on “Syria

    1. Thank You Bill… it seems we are now being threatened by Russia over this, I personally don’t believe we should even be in Syria but what we did we should have done whether we were there or not, Nerve Gas has been outlawed for decades and Assad should be arrested for War Crimes against Humanity, so should Putin if he was involved in any way…. War sucks one way or another and none of this would have happened if Obama hadn’t been on a Regime changing crusade, he and is so called Arab Spring was a bunch of Bull — Puckie.

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