Living Vicariously

Being RETIRED isn’t really what I thought it would be, more money would have helped and better health would also have been nice (Facet Syndrome), I’m in constant pain but it can be controlled thank goodness, with pain meds, anyways trying to find something to make the days go by is sometimes a chore, I can bitch about the World/The State I live in or many other things that Old People enjoy Ranting about but one thing that I enjoy doing is watching YOUTUBE videos of people sailing, I myself would love to sail around the world to different exotic places but since I’m here at home watching their videos is pretty enjoyable, I had been watching the videos of Riley and Elayna on La Vagabonde II, a couple of Aussies doing the world in a Sail Boat, which they have just gotten a Catamaran not yet out in Blue Waters with it but there are a lot of videos of them in La Vagabonde I that are really fun and exciting to watch,  here is there latest video posted today..

But another Person I enjoy quite a bit is Barry Perrins,  Barry is a Brit about my age with a great sense of humor (I find most Sailors have) and he has been sailing his boat for about a dozen years, his latest video was a few days ago and he is down the coast of Lisbon, Barry does a lot of Coastal Sailing and stops off in some very nice places (Usually for Pizza and Beer), so if you like Sailing and want a way to kill some time here is Barry’s YOUTUBE Channel

This is his latest but you can find his previous videos and work your way up to this one.

If you don’t fancy sailing the open seas but always wondered what it would be like living aboard a boat, search NARROW BOATS, and you will find that there are 2,000 miles of canals in Briton that once were used for moving coal from the mines and now are being used by vacationers and people who live on the Narrow Boats all year long, moving their boat every 14 days in order not to get kicked off the canals, kind of modern day Gypsies.

Enjoy !!


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