Road Trip To Weldon

The other day I decided to take Freedom for a walk along the Kern River only to turn around and come back home at the turn off for Kernville, seems the road was closed again, the only thing I could think of is the road is being flooded out by all the water from the snow melt, we’ve had some warm days and I’m sure the snow up in the higher elevation is starting to melt, anyways I took a couple pictures in Weldon before I turned around, I had only brought my 85mm lens which I was sorry for when I started shooting some landscapes.. but anyways I thought I’d share what I did shoot, so these were taken from the Old Church….

My Replacement Camera for my Kiev 88 CM that got dropped and smashed finally came, since I have a Kiev 60 in 645 film size (Portrait, 16 exposures) but I didn’t have the 6×6 film Format (12 exposures) that the Kiev 88 offered, but I have all the lenses, so I chose to go less expensive but in reality a better camera, a German built Pentacon Six, the Kiev 60 is a copy of the Pentacon Six that the Russians stoled, the camera is a legend and the strange thing it is much cheaper to buy than the Kiev 88 CM.. anyways it came and it is in beautiful condition, with excellent German Engineering.. so here it is, loaded up with Extar 100 120 film and ready to go…

Pentacon Six - web

It’s about 45 years old and will last another 45, the quality is tops for Medium Format and with choices of lenses by Zeiss I couldn’t ask for anything better, so I’m looking forward to shooting this camera very soon… after all even Ansel Adams switched to Medium Format in his later years, it’s a lot less hassle than lugging around a Large Format Camera, and this camera offers the same Zeiss lenses available to Hasselblad, which is what Ansel used shooting Moon over Half Dome in Yosemite.


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