Pentacon Six TL

Before I bought my Pentacon Six TL I joined Flickr’s Pentacon Six Group and went through hundreds of photos shot by Photographers using the Pentacon Six, this was a good way to see the quality of the photos and see any problems that the camera might have…. But the one thing that really stood out (besides good quality photographs) was that the majority of the Photographers were from Europe and they had 3,290 members, so I got a wide selection of photos to look at (38,000 photographs), so I have to assume that since Russia had the Pentacon Plant in East Germany that the Soviet Union used this camera quite a bit and they also copied it with the Kiev 60, so I am really enjoying looking at the photographs by the Europeans of the Soviet Bloc countries.. anyways here is a shot from the top of my camera looking into the waist view finder, I use my digital camera to shoot test shots normally but I also have a good light meter so not having the TTL Viewer and meter is not a problem.

Pentacon Six-2 - web

except for the size and weight this will be a fun camera, like shooting a giant 35mm.


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