Lord Moonbeam and The Golden Conquistadors

Hark ! The Conquistadors have returned, disguised but still speaking their Native Tongue.

They have come for what you have built, they want what you have done.

Lord Moonbeam says give them what they want or I will levy taxes upon you and take away your homes.

But Lord Moonbeam I am so old and can barely survive, how can I give more, me with these tired weary bones.

Quiet Old Man, Old Woman you have more than you deserve, you no longer pay me, it’s the Conquistadors that I serve.

I will build a train to nowhere with the money I took from you,

I will replace the old and weary with someone new.

And so it was, The Conquistadors have finally won, the old were driven away, away from the Sun.

This is My very first attempt to writing a Poem, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been reading too much Neil Gaiman…LOL.

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