Photography – My Dog – Sailing – Politics

I am going to try REALLY REALLY hard never to make another Political Statement on this page again, life is too screwed up to Rant about Negative things… If living in California becomes too hard financially then it’ll be time to leave, I’m outnumbered in this state to make a difference… So I’ll try to keep my statements to Photography – My Dog – Sailing and whatever kicks me in the face…. Now even though this is at Day Dream level only I sit and think – Wood hulled Vintage Sail Boats or the Easier to take care of Fiberglass Boats.. When I was young my first car was a 1948 Ford Woody and I’ve whined about selling it every day of my life..LOL – so when I think of Sailboats I think about that Woody… this is a 1949 Vintage Wooden Hulled Phillip Rhodes 34 foot Cruiser that reminds me of the Ol Woody….

I’m not sure I like the Cockpit, you’re sitting on the Deck instead of a bench.. but it still is a beautiful boat.

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