Sailing Videos

I watch a lot of videos on the subject of Sailing… My Favorites are:

Sailing La Vagabonde with Riley and Elayna

Two Young Aussies who make you feel quite welcome in their world, lots of good tips on sailing and sailing life, food, traveling. They both make you feel like your a friend sailing with them, now here comes the BUT — But they are upgrading to a Catamaran, with all the electronics and creature comforts of home, I’m not really sure if they will hold my attention when they move over to the Cat.

Another is Junkming with the junk-rigged Corribee Mingming, Capt Roger Taylor.

Roger sails Solo in his 21 foot Sailboat Mingming, Roger sails the Arctic Circle, no creature comforts, no electronics except a handheld GPS, no motor but his new boat Mingming II has a set of Oars, this is exciting sailing, man against the elements, 70 days at a time. Roger has written a few books about sailing in the Arctic, and if you like Whales you’ll enjoy his videos. His Sailboat is modified to have hatches in the roof of the cabin instead of a door at the Companion Way, this keeps water from coming into the Cabin during heavy storms, his safety modifications are interesting which I enjoy reading about, one of the videos I watched he was hit with a big wave and thrown out of bed only to break a rib and have to start sailing back home– a 6 week trip with a broken rib.


Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing: Roger D. Taylor


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