My Rant

Today the people of London are being subjected to Terrorism, my heart goes out to them and I hope my friend who lives there is safe. I’m sure the perpetrators were on some sort of USELESS WATCH LIST, they always are.

More locally, I have one of those damn blow up castles with little kids bouncing around in them right outside my back door, the next door neighbors have a large backyard and still decide to put the damn thing right next to the fence just next to my backyard patio. Freedom is going nuts at the screaming little demons… all I can think is — Wish I lived on a Sailboat, for both instances.

P1040498 - web

This is the noisy Rubber Castle filled with noisy children, I’m thinking all kinds of nasty terrible things that have to do with a rubber castle flying away.

UPDATE: Seems around 2:30am Geneva heard a bunch of noise outside and the so called adults were enjoying jumping around in the blow up castle while under the influence of whatever makes you do stupid things, well when I got up at 4:30am the generator was still going but the Castle was a pile of colorful rubber, I wonder what the hungover kids will be saying to the little ones about the attack on the Castle walls.

Now for a more quieter moment, this is the child care center at our Community College, I take Freedom there for his walk on weekends.

Freedoms Walk at the College-1040494-web


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