My Photography

I seem to have lost interest in Digital Photography, Medium Format Film Photography to me is beautiful, it seems to have a life of it’s own that differs from digital Photography, I remember an old friend of mine named Don Springer, now Don loved good music, mostly Jazz, he lived for the sound or should I say the quality of the sound, playing records and using vintage tube type amplifiers and good quality speakers, that was Don’s life, I remember going over to Don’s apartment and he would have me sit in a special area in his living room where he had set up his speaker system to bring the best quality and separation to that one spot, that is how I look at Film Photography, the type of film used might have a special nuance of color or grain that even though digital tries to copy it, it just doesn’t seem the same, don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of digital photography but I feel like I need to find the sweet spot in what I am doing by using Film, especially medium format. I will continue shooting Digital but I really want to explore the film usage to a greater extent, looking for my own style within its usage….. The biggest drawback is cost, all those bad shots still cost money, so somehow I just have to stop making bad shots..LOL —- Life goes on… and on and on, oh by the way that reminds me, O’l Don passed away years ago, so I guess for some, no for all, life doesn’t go on and on and does have a end. ~Peace~


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