It’s Been A While

Well it has been a while since I have written… My Mother passed away and that may be one reason, then there was the broken computer that Dell fixed and I’m extremely happy about that, then there has been this leg pain.. wholly cow it has hurt, it comes and goes but in the last 6 weeks or so I have only had a couple good days where it wasn’t a huge issue.. then there is this damn heat that I am totally tired of, right now it is humid so I sit and sweat, sleep and sweat.. well just about everything has sweating attached to it, but I’ll survive as I always do, life in the Desert has a way of testing your patience, you cuss the Summer and cuss the Winter and Spring and Fall are just way too short.. well any ways like I said Life goes on…


Dogs – And Fourth of July

The 4th of July is traumatic for many Dogs, all that high pitch whistling, loud bangs, explosions etc.. it’s just hell on their ears and their nervous systems, not all dogs panic, Freedom just barks at the high pitch whistling noises and sometimes at a loud explosion but overall he doesn’t panic, but many dogs are scared shitless and are ready for an trauma nervous breakdown, more dogs run away from home on Fourth of July than any other time, they are running from they don’t know and they are running to some sort of security somewhere unknown, so the 4th is a good day and night to bring the dog in the house so he/she doesn’t have to face the unknown all alone which brings me to Dog Owners leaving town and their dog for the long weekend. With all the noises and things happening that don’t happen on any other day of the year it can be very stressful for the dog to face it all alone, some people just throw and giant roaster pan of water and food out in the backyard and leave, we had a neighbor i n the rentals next door to us that left home for 5 days with their German Shepard tied up on a 15 foot or more leash, well he got wrapped up around a bicycle and couldn’t get to his water, it’s 115 degrees here during the 4th and he would have been dead by the time they had returned (this was day two of their vacation), Geneva and I heard the noise next door of him trying to get to his water dragging a bicycle around and coming about 5 feet short of the water bowl, we went into their yard and untangled him and moved all objects out of the circle of his leash, filled up his water bowl (he had plenty of food) and kept an eye on him until they returned, I told the young boy what had happened and instead of thanking us they put signs up on their gates saying Do Not Enter– Assholes !! if they ever pulled the same trick I was going to call Animal Control and let them handle it, and they did leave again but didn’t put the long leash on him..he was over the 6 foot fence with the greatest of ease–LOL, I said nothing. I know putting your dogs up in a Kennel can be expensive but if you can’t take your dog with you or afford a Kennel at least try to get someone to come over every day and check on their water and food, if you can’t do any of the fore mentioned Don’t own a Dog… the Fourth of July is Doggie Hell for many so don’t let them face it alone.

Dogs and Ethnic Cultures —- Americans, Brits, French etc., treat their Dogs as Family members, sometimes better than children, LOL (I think I’m in there somewhere) but then again to some cultures Dogs are food and then there are those who feel dogs should be allowed to wander the streets on their own, digging in trash cans and breeding at will, in Iceland Dogs are not allowed in City Limits, Sheep Herders have working dogs but that is it, when taking your dog to places International find out what has to be done to allow your dog into that country, I know Australia has some very strict rules and a long Quarantine, ask Johnny Depp he knows the particulars on that place. When people come to the United States and bring a dog into their home as a pet they should abide by our Cultural rules, if not they should not have a dog, we don’t like packs of dogs wandering the streets terrorizing children and other dogs and for the sake of all dogs stop breeding Pit Bulls, the Animal Shelter is full of them, and I for one am tired of reading where Pit Bulls attack other Dogs and Humans, killing anything they want.. just plain tired of it and so are a lot of other people, you put two Pit Bulls together you have a Pack with Pack mentality and you are responsible for their actions.