Good Bye October

Well this month the Refrigerator went out and needed replaced, KaChing!, then Geneva’s Car needed a new Waterpump — KaChing KaChing !! Then my Truck needed a new Battery — KaChing KaChing KaChing !!! Freedom couldn’t be ignored this month and got a Abscess in his Pooper/Scent Gland — KaChing !!!! KaChing !!!! KaChing !!!! KaChing !!!! — Well says my tooth,  everyone is getting attention except little o’l me, How about a Root Canal and a Cap — Big KACHING !!!!!… So that was October, we still have one more day left, I shall hide under the bed…LOL

BUT here is the clincher,  before all this happened I was in bad shape, back in June I messed up my Spine and was hobbling around by use of a cane, I could hardly walk and in a HUGE amount of pain but this is what happened, when Freedom got his Abscess and had to go to the Vet I came to the realization that because of the lack of my physical activity it was causing Freedoms physical problems, when I asked the Vet if that was possible she said yes, a dog needs to go out and Mark his territory, this keeps the scent glands active and healthy, so— since that day I have taken Freedom for a walk every morning, without fail EVERY Morning, which in turn has been building up my Stamina and my tolerance to pain, if you ever get a e-mail from me there is a quote from Buddha at the end of my e-mails saying “Pain is inevitable but Suffering is Optional” — Well my pain is still there but I’ve learned to deal with it and getting stronger every day and losing weight, about an extra five pounds since I started walking ever day – PLUS NO MORE CANE and the last four days I have been doing my well overdo Yard Work, taking out some Bamboo, cutting weeds and moving River Rock, I’m Moving slow on it but it is getting done.. Thank You Freedom for taking me for a walk. One more thing, it was October 31st – Halloween Night about 18 years ago that Geneva fell off a ladder and broke her leg — So it ain’t over until November, then just maybe then I’ll feel safe.



Happy Birthday John

October 9th 1940 was John Lennon’s Birthdate, this photo was taken by Astrid Kirchherr, using her 1955 Rolleicord Twin Lens Camera, which I have a Rolleicord with only a few hundred serial numbers difference from hers. it just makes me think that our cameras were on the assembly line at the same time, interesting thought, anyways Astrid didn’t receive squat for the most famous photographs of all time, the first photos of The Beatles, Thank You Astrid !!

John Lennon Birthday Oct 9 1940 - Photo by Astrid Kirchherr