Selfish England

The PM and others are chastising President Trump for re-Tweeting some videos posted by a right wing extremist group that is against Muslims and compared his foolish re-Tweet with the likes of Tweeting videos posted by The Klu Klux Klan and the Mayor of London is asking the Government to tell President Trump not to come to England for a visit….Well England you seem to have a Magical Formula that makes the Muslims in England happy and docile, and you are being very selfish for not sharing this Magical Formula with your neighbor Sweden.. Sweden has had Seven Bombings in Twelve Days, Gang Rapes, the Fire Department can’t get into the No-Go Zones to put out the fires without a Swat Team for security, and here you sit on your butts with this Magical Formula that makes Muslims Happy Immigrants, you England are being very very selfish for keeping this Formula to yourselves while your fellow Europeans are suffering, step in and help the Swedes before they are wiped off the planet by their guest… STOP BEING SO SELFISH.


Winter Weather

All week night time temps into the 30’s.. it’s here, Fall was too short — Fall and Spring are the two times of the year where we get some financial relief from either our Water Bill for cooling or Gas Bill for heating, oh well it’s only money.

The Creepiness of Hollywood

Everyone seems to be disgusted about what they are finding out about the Power Players of Hollywood (and/or Politicians) and their prey of the up – n- comings… If you hadn’t figured out that everyone in Hollywood has been this way forever then you have been living in a cave, Power makes a Andy Warhol out of everyone and the want of recognition makes everyone a Edie Sedgwick, if you don’t know who these people are and their ability to feed off of eachother then you probably aren’t paying attention to what is going on and for that I say..GOOD! You’re one of the smart ones. In a drunken rage Mel Gibson tried to warn everyone and look what happened to him.

Dog Dies of Broken Heart

This story has been haunting me since I read it over a week ago, for some strange reason I don’t think someone would purposely leave their dog at an Airport, the other thing that bothers me is a Dog would only love an owner this much if the owner also loved the dog, I wonder if they checked security videos to see what had happened to the owner, but more and more we are seeing that Dogs Love their Human Companions with all their heart.


The dog was abandoned by its owner at Bucaramanga airport in Colombia and remained there for four weeks
Vets who did a check on the pooch after she died, labelled the cause of her death as depression.

Winter is Near

This Morning I got up (Early as always) and it was Damn Cold, 34F to be exact, almost down to freezing, it will warm up a bit during the week and then go Cold on us again, this is not unusual Weather we have cycles of years with Early Winter and then we will Have cycles of Late Winter, I can remember prepping our cooler for winter and come Thanksgiving wishing we hadn’t, they say there are two types of people who try to guess the Weather here in the Desert, Fools and Newcomers, but this looks as if it is going to be a colder Winter than last and just maybe some Snow this year, we get perfect snow here the kind that is gone in Three or less days. Well had my Oatmeal and it’s just about time to get dressed and take Freedom for his walk.


Siren Center

I am officially renaming the are of town I live in “Siren Center”, I live in a small town of approx. 25,000 people, I live in the center of that town, only a few block from City Hall and Police Station, and I would like to say for a small town we have the most active Sirens of anyplace I have ever been, I hear Police, Ambulance and Fire Trucks all day long, I don’t think any of those services drive down the main street without putting on their Siren, I don’t know if their pay schedule changes when they use their Sirens if it did it would answer a lot of questions about why they seem to need their Sirens on all the time, or maybe they just want City Hall to hear them working. So from here on my Neighborhood will be UnOfficially know as Siren Center,… wait I’ve always thought that the spelling Centre for Center was wacky but might actually be a better way of spelling it since “Centre” defined as the middle of something and “Center” is defined as a word for a Place or an Institution, I don’t know both or kind of fitting since City Hall could be defined as an Institution…hmmmmm, in more ways than one for sure.