Strange N’ Moody

Shot this about a week ago and just liked the Shadows..


Simply called




Merry Christmas To All

I spent almost every Sunday for 12 years straight at my Parents, Geneva would bake muffins and I would take them over there,  Fresh Warm Muffins and Coffee, and we would just chat for a couple of hours, on Christmas Day I would go over there and my Brother would call and we would pass the phone around and talk to him, others would also call and I would be the first to answer the phone, it was nice.

Now that my Parents and Brother are gone I hear very little from anyone, I definitely don’t get fresh warm muffins on Sunday and if your aren’t on their friends list on Facebook or should I say if you’re not on Facebook you don’t hear a thing from friends or family except those rare friends who do keep in touch all year long.. we anyways if anyone out there is reading this — Merry Christmas ! P.S. — Like my Parents and Brother I’m not on Facebook.

Yesterday (Christmas Eve) I dragged out my Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine, I hadn’t shot it in years and now I remember why — Ouch ! Those Steel Butt Plates hurt, so I came home and ordered the Canvas Strap and a Limb Saver (rubber Butt Plate Cushion), together they added up to around $15 but they will bring many years of painless shooting, maybe now I can spend some time and ammo trying to actually hit something, when I say hit something I mean something like a paper target, I’m not much into killing critters but the way things are going money wise I might need to pouch a Deer in order to eat meat, so with that said I have nothing more to say, nothing new, nothing interesting.. Merry Christmas to All.

Mosin 2 - web

Freedom Dec 25 2017-2-web

By the way, today (Christmas) is Freedom’s 6th Birthday, it’s hard to believe that he has been our roommate for over 5 years now… Happy Birthday Freedom and Jesus !!


Gone in 60 Seconds

Tonight I watched Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage and I reminded Geneva about when we went to the Drive-In and watched the Original Gone in 60 Seconds and they had even trailered in the Mustang that was used in the movie… Do you think Geneva remembered.. Hell No, and then she started to say I must have taken someone else, damn I hate that, I have a pretty good memory and that was one thing that I remembered quite well, she even told me we never went to the Drive-In together and yet I remember taking her to see Clockwork Orange also ( I haven’t reminded her about that because I don’t want to be told I must have taken someone else again), the reason I remember Gone in 60 Seconds so much is because a friend of mine told me I just had to see it because the guy that made the film was a fellow Job-Shopper and he and his Brother made the film and no one would buy it, so he hand carried the film from Theater to Theater through out the Long Beach area to get it played, finally the film got picked up by a major studio and it made the rounds again and that was when I got to see it along with the actual Mustang used in the film.. big deal for me but it is obvious that Men care about things differently which makes them remember things differently… Life goes on and I guess I better stop trying to make her remember this movie or we could end up divorced for taking another woman to the Drive In (which I didn’t), the reason I remembered Clockwork Orange was I thought I recognized the people in the car ahead of us only to find out that the woman who I thought I recognized could have been there with the man I thought I recognized because her husband was out of town at the time.. their marriage didn’t last long because she ran off with the man whom I thought I had seen her with..funny how the memory works or doesn’t work in my wife’s case.. this would have been around 1975 or 76, the original movie came out in 74 but didn’t sell to the studios till later and like I said it made the circuit once again, it has a lot of great filming in OLD Long Beach with the chase scene going through Lincoln Park near the old Library which I believe is gone now, it was the only park that I knew of in Long Beach that had those great old Bronze Statues and some Old Canons, it was a beautiful park with park benches and old people feeding Pigeons, anyways the chase scene went all through Long Beach and Manhattan Beach, he even stoled a car from in front of The Whale House which was a Strip Joint out by Wilmington, the car he stole there was owned by a stripper and I thin it had a big wild cat in the back seat, then he stole a car from Whittlesey Motors on PCH, a Gull Winged Sports Car, damn my memory is good…LOL.. Well ~Peace~ and Remember when you get old the things you remember can get you in trouble if the other person has no recollection.