The Broken Window

After the Window is Broken life on the other side will be revealed, it’s not pretty, all the lies will be sitting there out in the open for all to see, some/most will not believe but they will have no choice but to believe but still will deny with their last breath that what is on the other side is a lie. After the revelation there will be no way to put the evil back into the bottle, no way to repair the window, life on the other side is not what we have been told.

What is on the other side of The Broken Window was never to be seen, the plan failed and now all will be revealed, you will be forced to look, you cannot escape seeing what is on the other side, the sound of the glass breaking will be the loudest sound you have ever heard.

“Three things cannot be long hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~Buddha~


Look Out California

If our Military is shut down due to lack of funding will Volunteer State Militia’s be called on to protect our Borders from Invasion ?

Going Retro – Flip Phones

Seems more people are going Retro with Flip Phones….

Well I guess I’m ahead of the game on this one, I’ve never had a smart phone, unless of course you count my old Blackberry which died 10 years ago, when that happened I got Geneva’s old Flip Phone and she bought a new one for herself. We both use the old Go-Phone plan which cost us $100 a year, actually it’s .10 a minute but if you buy a $100 at a time the plan stays open for a year, one problem we both have had is we don’t use up the $100 and when it reaches $500 they clear the account to zero which doesn’t seem fair but the way around it is to just use your phone more and more in order to have less than $400 when you put the next $100 in your account, the other day our land line was down and I had to call the Pharmacy about a prescription, well I only have $170 in my account due to not paying attention and got my $500 wiped out a couple years ago but Geneva said here use mine because they are going to put you on hold for ever and I have too much money on it, well anyways it seems people are getting tired of being wired into Social websites like Facebook and trying to have a life at the same time, they are dumping the smart phone for the dumb flip phone but I am sure they are still paying those huge monthly prices and have not cut the cord completely. A friend of mine was traveling across the country and using her smart phone to keep in touch with every one, she asked for my cell number and I told her that I didn’t do texting on my phone, it’s just for phone calls, I haven’t heard from her since, I guess if you aren’t on a Social Network or texting on a Smart Phone you are just written off as a Non-Entity, but I guess that’s the price you pay for only having a $100 a year phone bill.

Two to Beam Up Scotty !!

California Has Become A Joke

At entrance points into California from Nevada these signs have gone up along the Highway.


The State has become a joke with Governor Jerry Brown as the town idiot.

New laws for 2018 — Gun Control has now become Ammo Control. In order to control Gun Owners California has decided to make buying ammo a pain in the butt, you will only be able to buy ammo from licensed Gun Shops where a Data Base will be kept throughout the State, only people who have bought a gun since 1992 and are registered gun owners will be able to buy ammo for the gun caliber of that gun, no more mail order ammo will be allowed to be delivered to homes unless you have a special permit otherwise the ammo will be delivered to a gun shop where all the proper paper work will be filled out. Californians who think they will drive out of the state to buy ammo, think again, gun shows outside of the state will be monitored for buyers from California, yes they will be cruising the parking lots looking for California License Plates and send them into the Highway Patrol, you will be pulled over and arrested and lose your 2nd Amendment rights of Gun Ownership — there is a ton of other rules which I won’t bother talking about,  you can go to California Gun Owners Association to get informed , if anyone feels like this is similar to what Josef Stalin had done in Russia you wouldn’t be far off except he killed the people after they turned in their guns.

Update: Signs are popping up around the state that are also mocking so called Sanctuary Cities within the state.

sanc city sign

There will be a much needed Rebellion against the State I am sure, lets see how much more the people of this state can take before it happens.

We need County Officials to stand up against Governor Jerry Brown and his creation of A Sanctuary State, they need to stand up for Americans that have been automatically made into criminals by owning Gun Magazines that have a capacity of over 10 rounds, they need to stand up against the attack of the State against Gun Owners by tying their hands in obtaining ammunition for their guns which is nothing more than an attempt to curtail the right of gun ownership and to create a State Database for future removal of guns within the state. The State of California has created millions of Felons over night, now they just need a way of finding you.

Good Bye 2017

Happy New Year everyone ! .. So 2017 sucked for me, physically and financially, even though things have changed for the better physically, being retired my finances don’t get any better just get worse, 2017 saw a lot of unexpected bills come in that I did not plan on, both cars needed work, new refrigerator, Mother’s Funeral and Dental work, well things just didn’t work as planned this year. Physically I smashed my Vertebrae the day before my Mother’s Funeral and as time went on my left leg went high order in the pain world and I could hardly walk without the use of a cane, so I got some shots in my back and slowly the pain was alleviated and I could walk normal again but the months it took to get back to walking normal took their toll on me and I still am not 100%… anyways who cares, nothing I can do to change what happened.

Things that bothered me during 2017: The use of the words “Entitlement Program” aka Social Security, somehow the word “Entitlement”  has taken on a new meaning, even though I paid into the program for 50 years people act as if the Government is giving me something in which I do not deserve.. but listen up, I do deserve Social Security because as a 40 or more hours a week Worker Bee the Government took my money on the promise they would return it in monthly sums after I turned 66, if I actually lived that long (many people don’t). Then there are those who are not entitled to that money because they haven’t worked, matter of fact they haven’t even been in this country very long nor are they even citizens, now you say “But they don’t get Social Security” you are correct, the Government in it’s wisdom takes money out of Social Security and puts it into other programs in which these people take money from, if you one day show up on the North Bank of the Rio Grande with a child, that child is labeled a DACA child or Dreamer, which gives both the Parent or Parents all kinds of goodies taken from the Social Security Pile of money, if you come to the United States and give birth to a child, that child is called an Anchor Baby and again the Parent or Parents get goodies supplied to them from that same pile of money, now these are called Entitlements even though nothing has been paid into by the recipients, so they really aren’t Entitled and that is where I get a bad rap because I am getting my Entitlement but it now is a dirty word, so that is my bitch about the term Entitlement Program being turned into a leech program in the eyes of the general public.

The other thing that bothers me about 2017 is the term “I am a Christian”, now Democratic Party Strategist Donna Brazile  used the term “I am a Christian” when she was caught feeding Hillary Clinton the questions being asked in a Democrat Party Debate against Bernie Sanders, now this is unlawful and morally corrupt but she felt by saying “I am a Christian” would prove that she would never do such a terrible thing, matter of fact the appearance of being a Christian makes it look as if you wouldn’t lie or cheat, which brings me to the next thing that bothers me, Christian Symbolism used in sales to give the appearance that this is a honest product… MY is a advertisement on television that sells pillows, in the commercial the owner and inventor or My Pillow is wearing a cross on a necklace on the outside of his shirt, which I don’t like – period ! One of the commercials he is looking through a wall mounted medicine chest talking to a man and his wife telling them they look tired from the lack of sleep and his pillow could probably fix that, the next scene there is the man wearing the same shirt as the “My Pillows” guy and he has a cross outside of his shirt just as the My Pillows guy, now the man is rested due to getting a good nights sleep on this great pillow, my question is – is the man now a Christian also from sleeping on the pillow ?  The Cross is being used to give an appearance that all is truthful and there are no lies in the commercial, so there you have it !

Listening to Donald Trump give a speech is like listening to someone scraping their fingernails on a chalk board, he drives me crazy BUT he is not a Polished Politician so I just have to see the things he does and not listen to him tell me about it – Fair Enough !

2017 brought out many Liars and Cheats in both The News Media and Politics, the term “Fake News” has been used so much..well it just doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me, I dislike Liars and Cheats and if they actually hurt someones reputation that is not a Liar or a Cheat they should be held accountable — which means they should get sued for very large sums of money, I am hoping 2018 brings everyone Peace and Prosperity and good health, no matter your political point of view or affiliation, let’s enjoy life as God intended…… relax and don’t commit violence onto others, don’t force peaceful people into protecting themselves with violence, it’s not good for our Karma. Don’t be cruel to animals, bring your Dog indoors at night, it’s cold out there….~Peace~