Termination Winds

When I first moved here back in the late 70’s we had a name for the winds that came mostly in March…. Termination Winds… People would move here in the Fall and after experiencing a harsh cold Winter we would have these high winds in late February or early March, we called them the Termination Winds because people would pack up their belongings and get the hell out of here, they have had enough, you can’t even drive your car let alone a truck with a camper shell on it, here we wear hoodies not to make a fashion statement but to protect against ear aches, the cold harsh winds would drive your sinuses crazy, give you ear aches, hurt your eyes etc.. they would definitely ruin your day and it was much worse when the Owens Valley was totally dry and the white silicon sand would come down on this valley covering everything with a fine white dust, it wasn’t until the winds carried the dust to the greater LA Basin and covered their cars that the state stepped in and told the LA Water District they had to leave enough water in the Owens to keep the dust from picking up and blowing all over California… and now we have the winds back, for two days it has been blowing cold air from the North, if it isn’t tied down it is gone, fences and roofs will be torn apart this weekend and a lot of newbies will be packing their stuff and calling back home for their old jobs back.. Welcome to the Desert and the Termination Winds.


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