Happy Birthday John

October 9th 1940 was John Lennon’s Birthdate, this photo was taken by Astrid Kirchherr, using her 1955 Rolleicord Twin Lens Camera, which I have a Rolleicord with only a few hundred serial numbers difference from hers. it just makes me think that our cameras were on the assembly line at the same time, interesting thought, anyways Astrid didn’t receive squat for the most famous photographs of all time, the first photos of The Beatles, Thank You Astrid !!

John Lennon Birthday Oct 9 1940 - Photo by Astrid Kirchherr



Taking a Knee

Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A’s decided to take a knee during the National Anthem… I don’t care, if I don’t like something I use the almighty dollar to make my point, so Bruce when the Stadium is almost empty, and the Ball Club is losing money and the poor Hot Dog Salesman is sent home because there just isn’t enough people in the Stadium to justify him being there, explain to him why he was sent home and your making 500k a year to catch a ball…maybe he will care.

Bruce Maxwell Taking a Knee

This is Bruce’s first year, if they fire him now nobody will remember his name next year.

Stand up, Kneel Down, Raise your Fist, Raise your Arms, Don’t Shoot – Don’t Shoot, Put your Hoodie on and Take it Off, Beat Your Chest and Shake Your Beads, We’re Doing The Vatican Rag.

Kern River

I took Freedom out for a leg stretch today along the Kern River in Kernville, It’s been six weeks since he has had a good walk but yesterday I went to Palmdale and got some injections in my spine and today I decided to give them a test run, I’m still in some uncomfortable pain but not at all like it was, so the walk went well, all around Kern River Park and into the town where I happened upon an Old Friend Nick, we chatted a bit then I took Freedom back to the truck and came home, it was a beautiful drive, wild sunflowers along the road and the smell of High Desert Sage, very nice I must admit, so I’ll leave you with a picture of a very contented dog — This is Freedom’s happy look.

Kern River Sept 12 2017 - Freedom - web


What is with everyone calling people with opposing point of views a “Nazi”, it’s like if you are the first to call the other a Nazi you win the argument/debate. Society needs to learn to debate different opinions, shouting down, name calling and violence is not the answer, we are no longer a civilized society and this is leading us down a very dangerous path.


Once Upon A Time

Back in the Day… Early 1960’s, I remember being in Jr. High School (Now called Middle School) and not being very happy about it, so I ran away a lot, actually I was quite successful at running away, once I got all the way to San Diego from Long Beach before I was picked up and put in Juvenile Hall, where they quickly shaved my head (I wasn’t happy about that), we went a few days where I wouldn’t give them any information about me and I had no Identification on my person but when I was told that I would be staying there until I told them who I was and they could call my parents I figured it was a Lose/Lose situation and finally coughed up who I was and they called my Parents who were not happy with my ability to travel so far, and they came and picked me up… Where am I going with this story well….. Back in those days and I’m sure it is still fashionable we wrote our Protest to Society on our Pee Chee Folders,


And mine had written on it — “Bleecker and McDougal, Greenwich Village”, because that is where I wanted to go, hang out at the San Remo Cafe with all the Artist, Writers and Folk Singers, and back in 1962 or there abouts The Village was the place to be, Well I never made it, someday I’ll go there and hang for the day but here is where I am going with this story, IF I had never discovered GIRLS I probably would have made it to the San Remo Cafe and if I didn’t become a Folk Singer a Photographer would have been my second choice, I look back at all the things that I did do but it is the things I didn’t do that haunt me, I was very adventurous but just not adventurous enough, I see this NEW Generation who does not want to move out of the house and it really puzzles me, I couldn’t wait to get out (Literally) into the world, I wanted to be creative and different and now at 69 years old I have come to the conclusion that I became nobody and didn’t put my mark in the world…. Now I sit here, old and in pain, waiting for the Refrigerator Repairman and think… Damn Women, oh well what can I say, I am after all complete because I have found that someone special and shared over 40 years together but I guess I still need something to Bitch about.—

UPDATE: Here is a Album named Bleecker and McDougal by Folk Singer Fred Neil.