Termination Winds

When I first moved here back in the late 70’s we had a name for the winds that came mostly in March…. Termination Winds… People would move here in the Fall and after experiencing a harsh cold Winter we would have these high winds in late February or early March, we called them the Termination Winds because people would pack up their belongings and get the hell out of here, they have had enough, you can’t even drive your car let alone a truck with a camper shell on it, here we wear hoodies not to make a fashion statement but to protect against ear aches, the cold harsh winds would drive your sinuses crazy, give you ear aches, hurt your eyes etc.. they would definitely ruin your day and it was much worse when the Owens Valley was totally dry and the white silicon sand would come down on this valley covering everything with a fine white dust, it wasn’t until the winds carried the dust to the greater LA Basin and covered their cars that the state stepped in and told the LA Water District they had to leave enough water in the Owens to keep the dust from picking up and blowing all over California… and now we have the winds back, for two days it has been blowing cold air from the North, if it isn’t tied down it is gone, fences and roofs will be torn apart this weekend and a lot of newbies will be packing their stuff and calling back home for their old jobs back.. Welcome to the Desert and the Termination Winds.


All Eyes are Looking

“Three things cannot be long hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~Buddha~

What will they do now ??…. Keep on Moving ?  there’s nothing to see here, time to pack up and go home, Righteousness has prevailed. Now for Karma.

Conspiracy Theory

Okay I’m out there BUT — ”

“A chartered train carrying Republican lawmakers collided with a garbage truck in Virginia on Wednesday morning, killing one person, authorities said.

The train was carrying House and Senate Republicans to a retreat in West Virginia when the crash occurred. No members of Congress or their staff were injured, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.”

If the Train had derailed and killed the Republicans the Democrats would have the Majority in BOTH Houses… Who would gain from such an event ? Who would have such knowledge that the Train was full of Republican Law Makers ?

When someone says “Make it look like an Accident” they mean Make it look like an accident, I have little faith in the integrity of our …….. you can pretty much fill in the blank, but since I have nothing but a feeling and no proof I am just another nut case out there, just another Conspiracy Theory.

The Broken Window

After the Window is Broken life on the other side will be revealed, it’s not pretty, all the lies will be sitting there out in the open for all to see, some/most will not believe but they will have no choice but to believe but still will deny with their last breath that what is on the other side is a lie. After the revelation there will be no way to put the evil back into the bottle, no way to repair the window, life on the other side is not what we have been told.

What is on the other side of The Broken Window was never to be seen, the plan failed and now all will be revealed, you will be forced to look, you cannot escape seeing what is on the other side, the sound of the glass breaking will be the loudest sound you have ever heard.

“Three things cannot be long hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~Buddha~

Going Retro – Flip Phones

Seems more people are going Retro with Flip Phones….


Well I guess I’m ahead of the game on this one, I’ve never had a smart phone, unless of course you count my old Blackberry which died 10 years ago, when that happened I got Geneva’s old Flip Phone and she bought a new one for herself. We both use the old Go-Phone plan which cost us $100 a year, actually it’s .10 a minute but if you buy a $100 at a time the plan stays open for a year, one problem we both have had is we don’t use up the $100 and when it reaches $500 they clear the account to zero which doesn’t seem fair but the way around it is to just use your phone more and more in order to have less than $400 when you put the next $100 in your account, the other day our land line was down and I had to call the Pharmacy about a prescription, well I only have $170 in my account due to not paying attention and got my $500 wiped out a couple years ago but Geneva said here use mine because they are going to put you on hold for ever and I have too much money on it, well anyways it seems people are getting tired of being wired into Social websites like Facebook and trying to have a life at the same time, they are dumping the smart phone for the dumb flip phone but I am sure they are still paying those huge monthly prices and have not cut the cord completely. A friend of mine was traveling across the country and using her smart phone to keep in touch with every one, she asked for my cell number and I told her that I didn’t do texting on my phone, it’s just for phone calls, I haven’t heard from her since, I guess if you aren’t on a Social Network or texting on a Smart Phone you are just written off as a Non-Entity, but I guess that’s the price you pay for only having a $100 a year phone bill.

Two to Beam Up Scotty !!